Current Committee Members names will not be displayed for fear of Head of School Andrew Clarke creating trouble for those committee members.

Please email vulss@vulss.org.au for any email enquiries.

2011 Committee Members

President: AC
Hon Treasurer: Josephine Tang / AC
Secretary: Bashir Mohamed
Vice President (Activities): Celeste Brooks
Acting Vice President (Careers): Penelope Antoniou
Vice President (Education): David Gargano
Publications Officer: Dina Shehata
Mature Aged Students' Representative: Nicholas Tran
Second Year Representative: Natalie Perera
IT Officer: Zoe Blanchett

ASLA Representative: Penelope Antoniou
Public Officer:

2010 Committee Members

President: Jodie Sheppard
Hon Treasurer: AC
Acting Secretary: AC
Vice President (Activities): Rebecca Ballard
Vice President (Careers): Penelope Antoniou
Vice President (Competitions): Niki Howells-Schramm
Vice President (Education): Miranda Avdyl (expelled)
Marketing Officer: Narelle Griffin / Aubrey Gavdnev
Publications Officer: Elizabeth Walter / Dina Shehata
Equality Officer: John Caffrey
Liaison Officer: Nussen Ainsworth
IT Officer: Maria Fairweather
First Year Representative: Pierce Russell
Second Year Representative: Kim Gerty
Third Year Representative: Steve Collado / Casually Vacant
Fourth Year Representative: Alisha O'Connor
Fifth Year Representative: Biancajade Vassilios
Mature Aged Students' Representative: Bashir Mohamed

Returning Officer: AC
Deputy Returning Officer: Jodie Sheppard

Public Officer: AC

2009 Committee Members

President: Jacqueline Arena (please peform your handover)
Treasurer: Samuel Walsh
Secretary: Kathryn Arnett
Vice President (Activities): AC
Vice President (Careers): Edwina Dane
Vice President (Competitions): Jodie Sheppard
Vice President (Education): Daniella Trimboli
Marketing Officer: Andrew Power
Equality Officer: Leon Burger
Publications Officer: Penelope Libreri
Liaison Officer: Paul Tobin
Third Year Representative: Josephine Tang
Fourth Year Representative: Miranda Avdyl

2008 Committee Members

President: William Robinson
Treasurer: Daniel Rizk
Secretary: Daniella Trimboli
Vice President (Activities): Dhanya Gurasekera
Vice President (Careers): Alek Cesmadziski
Vice President (Competitions): Jacqueline Arena
Vice President (Education): Natasha Horvat
Information officer and Webmaster: AC
Competitions Officer: Peter Haddad
Marketing Officer: Michael Tourkakes
Equality Officer: Charlene Lee
Liaison Officer: Royce Saheed
Second Year Represenative: Jodie Sheppard
Third Year Representative: Gareth da Gama
Fourth Year Representative: Gavin da Gama
Final Year Representative: Colin Bosnic

2007 Committee Members

President (First Semester) - Chris Lim
President (Second Semester) - Sid Narsey
Secretary - Daniella Trimboli
Treasurer - Bianca Guerrieri
Vice President (Activities) - Charlene Lee
Vice Presidents (Careers) - Natasha Horvat and Caterina Ioannou
Vice President (Education) - William Robinson
Vice President (Competitions) - Jacqueline Arena
IT Officer - Basmah Sohail
Publications Officers - Bianca Guerrieri and Nerissa Thompson
Marketing Officers - Daniel Rizk and Kristy Haining
Equality Officer - Susie Gray
Liasions Officer - Royce Saheed
Advocacy officer - Nicholas Warhurst
First Year Representative - Natalie Vuong
Final Year Representative - Mitchell Robertson

Committee News

2012 Annual Election Results

The declaration of poll has been sent out to all persons that nominated in the 2012 elections.

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