The education portfolio in the VULSS is much different to the educational portfolio at other LSSs around the country.

The VULSS Education portfolio is about providing supplementary tutorials to students, free of charge. Traditionally, the lunchtime tutorial service has been offered in Contract 1. The number of subjects offered is dependant on the sponsorship received from law firms. Each firm that puts their hand up to sponsor a tutorial series, means we can cover one more Priestly 11 subject for you.

Education News

Environment Defenders Office - Mock trial

Date of Event: 
Sat, 18/02/2012

The Environment Defenders Office is organising a fun mock trial this weekend at the Sustainable Living Festival, which may be of interest to our member law students.

It has real barristers, a real judge and journalist George Negus hosting.


VULSS Signboard Stolen by Victoria Law School

The theft and the Law School's refusal to return the VULSS signboard that was used to inform students of last Wednesday's College of Law Practical Legal Training Session; has caused further outrage in the multiple attacks on the VULSS and its committee, that have been ongoing in 2011.

Clayton Utz - Contract 1 Lunchtime tutorial series

Date of Event: 
Wed, 06/04/2011 - Wed, 25/05/2011

Each year, the VULSS hosts a supplementary tutorial service to students at no cost.

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