VULSS Signboard Stolen by Victoria Law School

The theft and the Law School's refusal to return the VULSS signboard that was used to inform students of last Wednesday's College of Law Practical Legal Training Session; has caused further outrage in the multiple attacks on the VULSS and its committee, that have been ongoing in 2011.

The signboard is alleged to be kept in the security office at the campus, however security staff are refusing to return the VULSS signboard; claiming that Amanda Bain from Victoria Law School has instructed them not to return the signboard to VULSS (even though the signboard's owner is clearly marked on the signboard). The signboard is the property of VULSS (borrowed from VUSU); and was placed on recommendation of the University's facilities department.

It is a shame that the facilities department suggest to VULSS to use a free-standing signboard for displaying posters for events however, the victimisation perpetuated by Victoria Law School management, means that even a signboard informing students of a practical legal training course available to them; gets taken away.

It is a unequivocal that Victoria Law School only invited Leo Cussen Institute (another practical legal training provider) to market their course, but have not extended the same invitation to College of Law and ANU Legal Workship; leaving a body like VULSS to try and have these other two practical legal training courses , marketed to students. "Students have a right to know the three practical legal training providers that remain open to them upon completing their LLB, and not just know about the one practical legal training provider that law school management seem to have an interest in" a committee member has stated; "it is a question whether the Head of School receives kickbacks from Leo Cussen Institute; why else would the Law School Reception only display Leo Cussen brochures, but whenever we (VULSS) put College of Law or ANU Legal Workshop borchures there, they get removed" a committee member has stated.

In 2010, posters sent to a member of the VULSS Committee advertising the college of Law event, from the markings on the envelope suggest the enveolope was attempted to be delivered twice to Victoria Law School, and rejected by Victoria Law School by pointing it to another irrelevant part of the University. Eventually the mail room asked the addressee for an alternate address for the posters to be sent to. To top this off, an email advising students of the College of Law information session was not circulated to the law student body, until 45 minutes after the one hour session had commenced. A past committee member advised the text for circulation to students was sent a number of times to law school management to circulate, prior to the event. It is useless to send out an email informing students of a session that started 45 minutes ago.

In 2011 posters have had to be used more heavily to communicate relevant events to students, like competitions (mooting, negotiation); barbeques; educational seminars; because the Victoria Law School refuse to send out 'global' emails to the law student body like they have done in years prior.

Now Victoria Law School have gone from tearing down VULSS posters placed next to their posters; to stealing signboards used to display the posters. "The state of affairs under the management of Professor Andrew Clarke Head of School, Victoira Law School; is atrocious. He needs to stand down." a committee member has stated.

NB: In this article, the words VULSS Signboard have been used to describe an A-frame signboard that was loaned to VULSS by Victoria University Student Union (Inc.) (VUSU) after the facilities department advised VULSS to use a free-standing signboard to market posters. Similar VUSU signboards appear at other campuses of the Univeristy, which remian unscathed.

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