2012 Annual Election Results

The declaration of poll has been sent out to all persons that nominated in the 2012 elections. The names and positions of elected officers have been withheld from public display for fear of reprisals by Professor Andrew Clarke, Head of School, Victoria Law School.

It is disappointing that students that want to follow the VULSS Constitution and protect the educational interests of law students at Victoria University have to live in fear; after Professor Andrew Clarke took a disciplinary action against a former President, who stood up for the educational interests of students, wanting an independant investigation into alleged academic fraud which a lecturer swears has occured in Victoria Law School; together with subsequent alleged institutional coverups by Professor Andrew Clarke and senior managers of the University. 

In that Discipline Action, a number of students and staff coincidentally all complained to Prof Andrew Clarke about the former President within days of each other. Each of the complaints were not made through the University's Complaints Policy, but rather to Professor Andrew Clarke persoally. It is also alleged that a collusion of witnesses took place; to help create a strong case against the former President, where there was no cross-examination of witnesses and witnesses could have stated anything as they would not be questioned on their evidence, which was not even sworn.

One can only wonder why a student was charged with 8 offences after they graduated: it can be concluded that Prof Andrew Clarke wanted this to be on the student's General Conduct Report, reportable to the Board of Examiners to bar the student's admission to practice.

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